About Happy Go

There is high correlation between reading comprehension or we can say reading ability and problem solving ability. That means if you have an ability to read and understand, then you will be a good problem solver.

Problem solving is mental process we solve problem in mind and attempt to solve it in reality. A monkey who tries to jump from one branch of a tree to branch of another tree will haves solved the problem of matching the ability to jump with. Distance of jumping. If we are in a problem situation we cannot solve it unless the principle on which problem can be known. Once the principle occurs to the mind problem is solved Sherlock om. (Spelling) was once in a situation of lighting the cigarette without match stick.

He saw the hay stock and used his convex lenses used as simple microscope and solved the problem of igniting a small bundle of hay stock. Hence I appeal to the young boys and girls develop reading comprehension and later writing ability .I am sure that you will definitely acquire them by reading the magazine HAPPY GO FOR A PERIOD of at least A YEAR. Once you understand how verbal learning using the vocabulary and proper grammar helps in acquiring information and knowledge you love to read Happy Go because it enables you to sustain interest by sustaining your reading through interesting episodes Parents feel happy because the first five years of schooling is not formal schooling of writing and reading the textbooks. The first five years are for listening and observing playing and learning to communicate.

You will have learnt to speak and communicate your observed facts in the environment. Then begins your Alphabet learning and also slowly begin to write then the help will come Our HAPPY GO Magazine. Parents can easily differentiate between other commercial magazine and our Happy Go. Happy Go is for developing reading skills and expressions leading to acquisition of Values needed to lead a happy child hood and further Good social life.